Power Sector Reform: A Global Imperative

The power sector produces nearly a quarter of global climate emissions, which is why advocates around the globe are pressuring policymakers to hasten the transition to clean energy.

Outside pressure on power sector regulators is critical, but on its own is not enough to achieve the changes needed. Power grids are arguably the most complicated and largest machines devised by humans. Powerful interests defend the status quo, and power sector decision-makers are by nature cautious and conservative. These factors contribute to overwhelming inertia when it comes to reform. Meanwhile, enormous political and technical challenges face those seeking to advance clean energy.

That is where the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP)® comes in. RAP is an independent and nonpartisan team of experts whose staff is comprised primarily of former air and power sector regulators.

RAP's global team has first-hand knowledge of the constraints and challenges regulators face.

Building on peer-to-peer relationships, RAP helps energy and air regulators and NGOs navigate the complexities of power sector policy, regulation, and markets, so they can most effectively assist in the transition to clean, reliable, and cost-effective energy resources. 

Laser Focus

RAP's staff is laser-focused on the world's four largest power regions: China, the European Union, India, and the United States. These countries represent more than half of today's global capacity for power generation. With staff on the ground in each of these regions, RAP can identify and influence the highest-impact initiatives.

Unparalleled Access

RAP's success is rooted in close relationships with key decision-makers on the front lines of the global transition to clean energy. Policymakers in the world's largest power regions rely on RAP staff for reliable and relevant information and assistance.

Proven Solutions

RAP's team is well-versed in the complexities of power sector regulation and market factors that hinder progress, and understands how to most effectively influence the inner workings of power market regulation at the local level, where changes must ultimately begin.

Building on its knowledge and relationships, RAP develops innovative and practical policy and market solutions, and through its global network, can share lessons learned across the globe.

Thanks to RAP's work, power sector decision-makers and NGOs have access to a constantly expanding set of adaptable policy tools, informed by RAP's global experience. And those working to transform power markets can take advantage of lessons learned from solutions developed and tested around the world.