Trusted Expertise for a Complex System

We are former utility and environmental regulators, industry executives, system operators, and other policymakers and officials with extensive experience in the power sector. Our team focuses on the world's four largest power markets, responsible for half of all power generation: China, Europe, India, and the United States.

Because of the power sector's size and complexity, inertia in the system is inevitable: Change does not come quickly. Enormous political and technical challenges face those seeking to improve the economic efficiency of the sector, reduce its environmental footprint, advance clean energy solutions, and mitigate climate change.

RAP’s global team has first-hand knowledge of the constraints and challenges policymakers face. Building on peer-to-peer relationships, RAP helps energy and air quality regulators and NGOs navigate the complexities of power sector policy, regulation, and markets. Policymakers and other stakeholders depend on RAP staff for reliable and relevant information and assistance.

Sharing What Works

We develop innovative and practical policy and market solutions designed to meet local needs, and through our network, can quickly share lessons learned across the globe.

Informed by RAP’s global experience, power sector decision-makers and NGOs have access to a constantly expanding set of adaptable policy tools. And those working to transform power markets can take advantage of lessons learned from solutions developed and tested around the world.

Our Team

Philip Baker

Senior Advisor
Edith Bayer, RAP

Edith Bayer

Senior Associate

Ranjit Bharvirkar

Senior Associate and India Program Director
Lynn Boynton, RAP

Lynn Boynton

Donna Brutkoski, RAP

Donna Brutkoski

Communications Associate
Alessandro Celestino, RAP

Alessandro Celestino

Regional Coordinator

Ken Colburn

Principal and US Program Director

Richard Cowart

Director (Board of Directors)

David Crossley

Senior Advisor

Max Dupuy

Senior Associate
David Farnsworth, RAP

David Farnsworth

Senior Associate

Yannick “Nick” Georges

Operations Manager
Cheryl Gilbert, RAP

Cheryl Gilbert

Finance Director
Brenda Hausauer, RAP

Brenda Hausauer

Regional Coordinator

Helen He

Program Specialist
Mike Hogan, RAP

Michael Hogan

Senior Advisor

Andreas Jahn

Senior Associate
Christopher James, RAP

Christopher James

Surabhi Joshi

Surabhi Joshi

Advisor, Project Coordinator E3-India
Camille Kadoch, RAP

Camille Kadoch

General Counsel and Publications Manager

Fredrich (Fritz) Kahrl

Senior Advisor
Christos Kolokathis, RAP

Christos Kolokathis


Dave Lamont

Senior Advisor

Jim Lazar

Senior Advisor

Robert Lieberman

Senior Advisor
Carl Linvill

Carl Linvill


David Littell


Maureen Martin

Administrative Assistant
Janine Migden-Ostrander, RAP

Janine Migden-Ostrander


David Moskovitz

Principal and RAP Co-Founder

Kevin Porter

Senior Advisor

Jan Rączka

Senior Advisor
Jan Rosenow, RAP

Jan Rosenow

Senior Associate and European Programme Director

Christine Salembier

Chief Operating Officer

Richard Sedano

President and CEO
Nancy Seidman, RAP

Nancy Seidman

Senior Advisor

John Shenot

Senior Associate
Jessica Shipley, RAP

Jessica Shipley

Joni Sliger

Joni Sliger

Deborah Stetler, RAP

Deborah Stetler

Communications Associate
Bob Taylor

Bob Taylor

Senior Advisor
Dara Torre, RAP

Dara Torre

Program Coordinator
Rick Weston, RAP

Frederick Weston

Principal and China Programs Director

Rebecca Wigg

Communications Director

Wang Xuan


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