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Introduction to Regional Transmission Organizations and Implications for Clean Power Plan Compliance (Webinar)

Webinar RTOs and Implications for Clean Power Plan Compliance from Regulatory Assistance Project Although individual utility companies own the power plants and lines that generate and carry electricity to consumers, many have joined regional transmission operators (RTOs), which coordinate resources over a broader geographic area to secure greater system reliability and reduce costs. RTOs (also…

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Smart Rate Design for a Smart Future (Webinar)

Advancements in technology—distributed generation, electric vehicles, and “smart” appliances, combined with advanced metering infrastructure and more sophisticated utility monitoring systems—will both demand and allow a more refined method of designing the rates charged to customers. Traditional flat ($/kwh) rate design no longer serves consumers or society best. A more progressive approach with bidirectional rates and…

Webinar (video)

In the Driver’s Seat: How Utilities and Consumers Can Benefit from the Shift to Electric Vehicles (Webinar)

Electric vehicles (EVs) are commonly viewed as a crucial mechanism to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, increase energy security, and improve air quality. Widespread adoption of EVs also represents an opportunity for energy utilities and consumers. On April 30, 2015, the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP) and Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC) offered a webinar to explore…