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Policy Brief

Treasure Hiding in Plain Sight: Launching Electric Transport with the Grid We Already Have

By Michael Hogan, Christos Kolokathis, Andreas Jahn

Declining costs for electric vehicles (EVs) make the prospect of a surge in EVs on the power system seem imminent. Policymakers are understandably excited at the prospect of decarbonising road transport, and the grid services that EV’s can provide. In the rush to plan for more EVs, many are focusing on incentivising new investment in distribution networks to ac...

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Policy Brief January 19, 2018

Cleaner, Smarter, Cheaper: Network tariff design for a smart future

By Christos Kolokathis, Michael Hogan, Andreas Jahn

Network charges—the fees paid by consumers to cover the costs for power lines and other network assets and services—are steadily increasing across Europe. In one respect, this is not surprising, as these costs are expected to increase as the network is updated to accommodate new distributed activities, such as electric vehicle charging and distributed generat...

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Webinar (video)

Designing retail electricity tariffs for a successful Energy Union (Webinar)

Effective electricity network tariff design is a powerful tool in the regulator’s toolbox as Europe strives to make energy more secure, sustainable, and affordable. Yet ineffective designs, such as fixed monthly charges, are on the rise in Europe. This is a disconcerting trend, as policy should support, rather than impede, the least-cost transition to clean...

Policy Brief August 30, 2017

Regional Operational Centres: A review of the Commission’s proposal and recommendations for improvement

By Philip Baker, Julie Finkler, Christos Kolokathis

Close coordination of Europe's power networks on a regional basis is important, as illustrated vividly in November 2006, when Europe came close to experiencing a widespread blackout. Since that time, Transmission System Operators (TSOs) have voluntarily worked together to increase regional coordination. In its 'Clean Energy for All Europeans' legislative package,...

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