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Report December 8, 2017

Smart Non-Residential Rate Design

By Carl Linvill, Jim Lazar, Max Dupuy, Jessica Shipley, Donna Brutkoski

Electricity use by non-residential customers accounts for nearly two-thirds of California’s total consumption. Many of these customers are interested in adopting distributed energy resources, and many have access to sophisticated energy management and load control technologies. These customers could therefore be an important source of support for power grid man...

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Report May 17, 2017

Designing Distributed Generation in Mexico

By Carl Linvill, Donna Brutkoski

Mexico's energy reform will have far-reaching effects on how people produce and consume electricity in the country. Market liberalization will open the door to an increasing number of options for Mexican residential, commercial, and industrial consumers, and will encourage the adoption of distributed generation (DG), which for Mexico includes generators of less t...

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Report April 26, 2016

Sustainable Energy Solutions for Rural Alaska: Executive Summary

By Riley Allen, Donna Brutkoski, David Farnsworth, Peter Larsen

The harsh weather and inaccessible geography of rural Alaska communities pose significant energy challenges to the region, including keeping electricity and other energy costs very high compared to the lower 48 and even more populous regions of the state. Many communities rely almost exclusively on expensive diesel fuel—shipped in by barge or air—for electric...

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Journal Article August 10, 2015

No Rush: A Smarter Role for Natural Gas in Clean Power Plan Compliance

By Carl Linvill, John Shenot, Ken Colburn, Donna Brutkoski, Camille Kadoch

As utilities and regulators consider their strategies for complying with greenhouse gas emissions limits under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) forthcoming Clean Power Plan (CPP), natural gas has an important role to play. But a “dash to gas” approach could leave many gas infrastructure assets unusable as soon as 2030. A smarter approach wil...

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