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Presentation May 17, 2013

International Experience with the Active Integration of Demand Response: Input for German Discussions (in German)

By Andreas Jahn, Meg Gottstein

As part of the three-day Energy Days symposium held in Berlin, Germany, RAP principal Meg Gottstein and senior associate Andreas Jahn joined respected speakers Dr. Dorothee Mühl from the Ministry of Economics and Technology and Dr. Marian Klobasa of the Fraunhofer Institute for a panel discussion on the importance of demand-side resources. Ms. Gottstein and Mr. ...

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Report February 26, 2013

RAP Kommentar zum Fokussierten Kapazitätsmarkt des WWF

By Meg Gottstein, Andreas Jahn

RAP hat den Marktdesign Vorschlag des WWF/Öko-Instituts eines so genannten „Fokussierten Kapazitätsmarkt” als gute Ausgangsbasis identifiziert. Insbesondere zwei Punkte scheinen jedoch verbesserungswürdig. Zum einen sollten die Auktionen für neue Erzeugungseinheiten nicht separat durchgeführt werden, da die Möglichkeit einer Zusammenführung aller Kapaz...

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Presentation December 12, 2012

Capacity Markets: Flexibility Challenges and the Potential of Demand Response (in German)

By Andreas Jahn

On December 12, 2012, RAP Senior Associate Andreas Jahn addressed an open forum held by the Green Party on capacity markets at the Federal Parliament building. Based on experience with capacity markets in the United States, this presentation explores the value of demand response in competitive markets. This method of load management has great potential to facilit...

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Presentation October 8, 2012

Über Kapazitätsmärkte hinaus denken

By Andreas Jahn

On October 8, 2012, Andreas Jahn presented to German authorities and stakeholders on the topic of capability markets. Mr. Jahn addressed the challenge of delivering reliable power supply to consumers at least cost, when that supply consists of a high proportion of renewable energy sources. Existing market models may not sufficiently drive the required investments...

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Report August 23, 2012

Über Kapazitaetsmaerkte Hinaus Denken

By Meg Gottstein, Simon Skillings

Diese Publikation ist in wesentlichen Teilen eine Übersetzung des in den Proceedings of the 90th International Conference on the European Energy Market veröffentlichten Titels „Beyond Capacity Markets—Delivering Capability Resources to Europe’s Decarbonised Power System“ von Meg Gottstein und Simon Skillings © 2012 IEEE.  Die Übersetzung und die Beis...

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Presentation June 8, 2012

Versorgungssicherheit: Herausforderungen und Chancen der Energiewende (Market Design Challenges for the Energiewende)

By Andreas Jahn

RAP was invited to join a select group of speakers to brief German journalists on emerging technical, political, and market design issues for the Energiewende (“energy turn”) at a recent Berlin workshop hosted by the European Climate Foundation. Andreas Jahn, RAP’s senior associate based in Berlin, presented the reliability challenges and opportunities in t...

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Report May 17, 2012

Kapazitätsmärkte in den USA und Kolumbien

By Meg Gottstein

At the request of policy advisors within the German government, RAP Europe summarizes the lessons learned from the “forward” capacity markets implemented to date. The paper draws from these lessons key market design observations for Germany, as it proceeds to decarbonise the power sector under its Energiewende (“energy turn”) policies and objectives. This...

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Journal Article February 29, 2012

Was würde Ludwig Erhard sagen?

By Meg Gottstein

February 29-March 1, 2012, Berlin RAP Europe on the “WirtschaftsEffizienzWunder” potential for Germany’s EnergieWende RAP Europe’s recent article published in the German Financial Times was highlighted by European parliamentarian Claude Turmes in his keynote speech in Berlin on February 29, at the annual conference of the Deutsche Unternehmensinitiative E...

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