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Webinar (video)

Opportunity Knocks… for “Beneficial” Electrification (Webinar)

Most credible analyses indicate that electrifying vehicles, appliances, and machines that are currently powered by fossil fuels will be critical to decarbonizing the economy enough to reduce global climate threats. Electrification also offers other big benefits beyond environmental gains. It can provide new business opportunities for power providers, may ease management of the electricity grid,...

Presentation May 2, 2017

Efficiency First: Delivering Business Efficiency in a Competitive World

By Richard Cowart

At a meeting of the G20 in Hamburg, Germany, Richard Cowart spoke about the principal governmental policy decisions needed to turn the concept of "Efficiency First" into a commercial reality. Efficiency First is a principle applied to policymaking, planning, and investment in the energy sector that prioritizes investment in customer-side efficiency resources when...

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Discussion Draft April 30, 2017

Politics, Procurement, Bail-Out and Buy-In: Woes and Ways of Rajasthan’s Distribution Sector

By Siddharth Sareen

What are the recent consequential developments and current issues in Rajasthan’s electricity distribution sector, bailed out of more than $10 billion debt by the state government in 2015? If political interference got it there despite sectoral reforms and unbundling in 2001, what measures have been instituted to safeguard against a repeat? As Rajasthan’s dist...

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Discussion Draft April 29, 2017

What Powers Success on the Ground? The Gradual Reform of Electricity Distribution in Gujarat

By Siddharth Sareen

Among Indian states, Gujarat’s electricity distribution sector has come to be regarded as exemplary. Its distribution companies have A+ credit ratings and acceptably low loss levels, and provide 24/7 power throughout the energy surplus state, with separate feeders for up to eight hours a day of agricultural supply. Reforms enacted in Gujarat subsequent to the n...

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Discussion Draft April 28, 2017

Wielding Power in the Capital: The Case of the Delhi Electricity Distribution Sector

By Megha Kaladharan

This study of electricity governance in Delhi, India, is one in a series of working papers produced for the Mapping Power project, a collaboration between RAP and the Centre for Policy Research in Delhi. It explores regulatory trends in Delhi’s privatised power distribution sector over the past few decades. While privatization brought in noticeable improvement ...

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Presentation April 27, 2017

Retooling Regulation: Integrating Environmental and Energy Planning through a Multi-Pollutant “E-Merge” Approach

By Christopher James, Ken Colburn

In a RAP webinar held on April 27th, 2017, we address the question of whether energy and environmental regulators can work together, in a more integrated and streamlined fashion, to achieve state energy and air quality goals. We think they can. Ken Colburn and Christopher James detail how energy and air quality planning can be retooled—in a process RAP has du...

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Webinar (video)

E-Merge: Retooling Regulation for Clean Air and Clean Energy (Webinar)

Technology, consumer choices, and evolving markets are driving the U.S. power sector rapidly toward cleaner energy. Yet energy and air quality regulations are failing to keep pace with change. The result is inefficient “stovepiping” of responsibilities, as states struggle to meet numerous statutory requirements. The considerable impact of the energy sector on the environment, and...

Presentation April 26, 2017

Tactical Strategies for Engaging Cooperative and Municipal Utilities about Solar PV

By Carl Linvill, Nadav Enbar

Dr. Carl Linvill of RAP and Nadav Enbar of the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) hosted a webinar for the Illinois Solar Energy Association (ISEA) about utility engagement strategies to reduce barriers to the development of solar energy. This effort was funded by the SolSmart program....

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Presentation April 24, 2017

Energiewende and Neighbouring Poland

By Andreas Jahn

At the 2017 Hannover Messe, Andreas Jahn spoke about the German energy transition, or Energiewende, and the potential for German-Polish cooperation in the energy sector....

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