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Overlooked Assets: Demand Response and a Regional View Can Improve Power Reliability in Europe

A new policy brief by the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP) reinforces the need for a regional approach to resource adequacy and highlights the importance of demand-side resources in meeting Europe’s clean energy targets reliably and efficiently. Resource Adequacy, Regionalisation, and Demand Response examines several recent resource adequacy assessments and evaluates the potential contribution of low-cost…

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Good Governance Policies Needed to Align Internal Energy Market with Decarbonisation Goals

Achieving key Energy Union policy objectives—energy security, internal energy market completion, and 2030 greenhouse gas abatement targets—depends on the EU’s ability to develop coherent rules that better align market and climate objectives and facilitate collaboration and resource sharing among Member States. The Market Design Initiative: Towards Better Governance of EU Energy Markets makes four recommendations…