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Energy Efficiency Helps System Operators Meet Resource Adequacy and Peak Demand Needs, While Reducing Market Clearing Prices

In a new report, the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP) finds that energy efficiency resources can play a critical role in organized capacity markets – meeting power system resource requirements while also lowering clearing prices and total costs. Energy Efficiency Participation in Electricity Capacity Markets – The U.S. Experience summarizes the rules governing how efficiency resources have…

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Energy Efficiency as a Resource in China

A new report issued by the Regulatory Assistance Project, Energy Efficiency as a Resource for the Power Sector in China (将能效作为中国电力行业的一项资源), examines the potential use of energy efficiency as a power system resource in China. In several jurisdictions around the world, electricity utilities employ end-use energy efficiency as a cost-effective alternative to investing in supply-side resources,…

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RAP Encourages Efficiency Professionals to Calculate Avoided Emissions as Part of EM&V and Potential Studies

In a new paper, the Regulatory Assistance Project calls on the efficiency community to include avoided emissions in both potential studies and evaluation, measurement, and verification (EM&V) reports. Calculating Avoided Emissions Should be a Standard Part of EM&V and Potential Studies argues that efficiency professionals possess both the skills and resources to effectively quantify avoided emissions—information…