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Aggressive Energy Efficiency Commitment Needed to Meet Europe’s 2030 Energy and Climate Goals

  Richard Cowart, principal and director of European programmes, described energy efficiency as a “huge untapped reservoir of low cost savings to the European economy,” in a recent interview with Sonja van Renssen, environmental journalist at viEUws. As the public debate continues around Europe’s 2030 Energy and Climate framework, Cowart called for an aggressive commitment to energy efficiency…

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Risk-Aware Regulation Needed in the Face of Mounting Grid Costs and Longer Outages

As US power grid costs rise and the length of outages increases, risk-aware regulation—an approach in which regulators explicitly and proactively seek to identify, understand, and minimize the risks associated with electric utility resource investment, will lead to the efficient deployment of utility resources, the continued financial health of utilities, and the confidence and satisfaction…