Modeling a More Efficient Power Plant


In 2003, RAP first developed the concept of the efficiency power plant (EPP), a set of integrated energy efficiency programs whose savings mirror the output of a conventional power plant. This portfolio approach enables cost comparison with conventional electricity generation, allowing energy efficiency resources to be integrated into power sector planning and financing.

RAP worked with our Chinese partners to further refine the idea, develop funding sources, and initiate pilot programs in six provinces. More recently, we’ve underwritten the creation of a tool that analyzes the economics of EPPs and energy efficiency generally (read more on the Energy Efficiency Calculator) and, with NRDC, we organized three major multi-day DSM trainings for the key governmental and utility officials that are designing and managing efficiency programs.

The EPP Calculator is available free of charge, operates in Chinese, and is intended to be useful to Chinese policymakers concerned with energy efficiency, administrators of portfolios of energy efficiency projects, and managers of energy service companies. It includes libraries containing load shapes for electricity end uses and data for a wide range of energy efficiency measures. Users can input their own data and modify the tool as desired.