RAP Profiles EU Member State Power Sectors


In a new series of reports commissioned by the Agora Energiewende, RAP is preparing high-level profiles of the electricity sector in several European Member States. The reports provide an expert summary of the structure of the electricity industry, regulatory framework, power markets, and policy and political developments in each of the Member States profiled. The reports will expand the understanding on how power systems and policies in Germany and in nearby Member States function and interact. In this way, they can help identify potential areas of cooperation relating to Germany’s Energiewende and other energy policies under development in Member States and on an EU level.

As illustrated by the Report on the Polish Power System and Report on the Dutch Power System, each country profile presents a broad overview of the power sector, rather than a detailed analysis of any one area. The reports are certainly not exhaustive. Rather, they are a work in progress that we will review on a regular basis, and for which we will monitor the latest developments, improving the text and adding new information. We invite comments and corrections that could be incorporated into the next versions to [email protected].

As part of its European programs, RAP draws on global experience and lessons learned to provide policy and technical expertise on how to manage the energy transition in Germany reliably and affordably. RAP’s effectiveness is strengthened through cooperation with local expert organizations, including the European Climate Foundation’s Berlin Office and the Agora Energiewende team. The Member State power sector profiles are one of several initiatives that RAP is undertaking in Germany. For an overview of the Energiewende and RAP’s other areas of work in Germany, visit Making Germany’s Energiewende a Reality, and for more on RAP’s European programs visit our Europe landing page.