ERRA, the Energy Regulators Regional Association, invited policymakers, regulators, industry representatives and other stakeholders to its 18th Energy Investment and Regulation Conference in Riga, Latvia. The two-day conference explored the latest trends and developments in the energy industry and its regulation.

The rapidly changing landscape in European power markets can pose challenges for the industry and regulators. As prices for renewable energy continue to fall, a growing number of variable renewable resources are connecting to the grid. This raises a broad range of questions that will be addressed at the conference, including:

  • How can policymakers design fair tariffs in this new environment?
  • How much generating capacity is necessary to ensure secure supply?
  • Are capacity markets really necessary or can proper market design eliminate the need for market interventions?
  • What is the role of natural gas in the fuel mix for the coming decades?
  • Where are the Baltic markets now and what developments are expected in the future?

In a session on the energy transition and decentralisation, RAP’s Zsuzsanna Pató provided recommendations for addressing the challenges of integrating variable renewable energy sources into the power system. The agenda is available here.

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