Time: Wednesday, October 2 at 1pm EDT

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The Clean Energy States Alliance will host a webinar on two aspects of America’s Power Plan (APP) — wholesale market design and distributed generation. RAP’s Mike Hogan will discuss the wholesale market design recommendations for driving investment in the flexible resources needed to ensure reliability as the share of intermittent renewable resources grows. In Power Markets: Aligning Power Markets to Deliver Value, Mr. Hogan identifies three areas where power markets can adapt to enable an affordable, reliable transition to a power system with a large share of renewable energy. These are a) recognize the value of energy efficiency, b) upgrade grid operations to unlock flexibility in the short-term, and c) upgrade investment incentives to unlock flexibility in the long-term.  RAP’s What Lies Beyond Capacity Markets? offers detailed recommendations for shifting flexibility decisions from an operational time-scale to an investment one.

Joe Wiedman, Interstate Renewable Energy Council, will preview the five key APP recommendations for distributed generation. Consumers can buy solar panels at their local hardware store, however, without concerted action, growth of this distributed resource may be hindered by legacy regulations designed for a different era. Policy for Distributed Generation: Supporting Generation on Both Sides of the Meter identifies specific actions that decision-makers at the local, state, and federal level can take to promote the continued expansion of distributed generation in both retail and wholesale markets.

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