Both Poland and Germany are actively debating resource adequacy and system security. While both countries have different resource mixes and different immediate challenges, both are considering power market reform to meet system needs, including the role that a capacity mechanism might play.

The Capacity Market–a Solution for the Future? conference, organized by the Center for International Relations in cooperation with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Office in Poland, offers a platform for the exchange of views on the merits of capacity markets. RAP’s Market Mechanisms for Resource Adequacy and System Security: Framing the Issues provides a starting point for the exchange. The paper sets forth a number of considerations to stimulate discussion on system reliability and market mechanisms, and aims to expand the discussion beyond capacity markets to focus the dialogue on system needs and solutions.

Dr. Jan Raczka, senior advisor, will discuss the role of demand side resources in capacity markets, with a focus on their ability to help integrate greater amounts of renewable resources.

Senior advisor Mike Hogan will draw on RAP’s Beyond Capacity Markets concepts to suggest a focus on resource capabilities instead of solely on capacity.

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