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At the 2019 Renovate Europe Day event in the European Parliament, RAP’s Louise Sunderland unpacks how carbon revenues from the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) represent a new and powerful source of financing for large-scale building renovation.

With estimates predicting 200 billion euros in carbon revenues across Europe this decade from the EU ETS, how these funds are spent takes on vital importance. The revenues, as public funds, can play a key role in enabling and incentivising building renovation, while also funding it for those can least afford to fund it themselves.

The sole aim of the ETS is to save carbon. The sole aim of the revenues must therefore also be to save carbon. If invested in energy efficiency programmes, these funds can generate seven to nine times more carbon savings than carbon pricing alone. Learn how we can deliver more carbon savings for this money.

Video credit: BUILD UP, Renovate Day Europe Campaign

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