In many jurisdictions around the world, energy regulators are attempting to spur innovation in the electric power industry by connecting regulatory goals, targets, and measures to utility performance, executive compensation, and investor returns. The lead authors from RAP’s recent report, Next-Generation Performance-Based Regulation, joined Edison Electric Institute for a webinar, co-hosted with the 21st Century Power Partnership, to highlight successful examples of performance-based regulation in practice in the U.K., Denmark, France, Mexico, India, and the United States. David Littell, Camille Kadoch, and Dr. Jan Rosenow also discuss design considerations and options for crafting performance-based regulation or performance-based incentive mechanisms.

This session parallels parts of the performance-based regulation webinars recently held by the Clean Energy Solutions Center and RAP and new information as well—a great opportunity for a refresher or for a first-time listen!

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