RAP was invited to join a select group of speakers to brief German journalists on emerging technical, political and market design issues for the Energiewende (“energy turn”) at a recent Berlin workshop hosted by the European Climate Foundation. Andreas Jahn, RAP’s senior associate based in Berlin, presented the reliability challenges and opportunities in this powerpoint overview.  Additional material was provided to workshop participants to help inform the discussion:

(1) RAP’s 4-page summary, Kapazitätsmärkte in den USA und Kolumbien (in German), of lessons learned from the “forward” capacity markets designed for two U.S. markets and Columbia, and

(2) RAP’s 8-page paper, Beyond Capacity Markets- Delivering Capability Resources to Europe’s Decarbonised Power System (in English), describing why it is necessary to think “beyond capacity markets” for the future design of European markets.

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