RAP’s energy efficiency experts shared global best practices with government and utility representatives at the Workshop on Policies to Support Energy Efficiency and Market Transformation in South Africa. Mr. Mahesh Patankar (senior advisor, India), Mr. Eoin Lees (senior advisor, EU), and Mr. Riley Allen (research director, US) identified efficiency codes and standards, as well as utility-sector energy efficiency obligations as the most effective and successful practices for advancing energy efficiency objectives internationally. RAP’s team also explored the variety of structures, administrative arrangements, and funding that can be employed to deliver successful energy efficiency initiatives. Mr. Patankar highlighted India’s innovative funding and program approaches, including the Super-Efficient Appliance Program (SEEP), which offers an upstream incentive to manufacturers for sales of efficient appliances. The Johannesburg workshop, an initiative of the Clean Energy Ministerial, drew approximately 50 individuals from the South African Department of Energy, US Department of Energy, the South African electric utility Eskom, various government representatives, and foreign experts on energy efficiency.

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