The challenges facing the modern utility and methods for successfully integrating renewables, energy efficiency, demand response, and other key technologies into a flexible utility are common to many entities within the energy industry. On October 25th, utility analysts, policy analysts, attorneys, and energy professionals will gather to address these questions at the third annual policy conference The Flexibility Challenge. Hosted by the Citizens’ Utility Board Policy Center in partnership with the University of Oregon School of Law, the conference features panels on imbalance markets, flexibility and distributed generation, as well as flexible resources, demand response, and energy storage. Carl Linvill joins a panel exploring what might be “normal” in 30 years and advising on the short-term changes necessary to enable that 30-year vision. Join us in Old Town Portland for lively discussions with noted speakers from the Oregon Department of Energy, Energy Trust of Oregon, NW Power and Conservation Council, and many more!

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