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Meeting 30% of Demand with Efficiency within 10 Years: The Next Quantum Leap in Electric Energy Efficiency (Webinar)

If the video is not visible, please accept all cookies to enable the player. Energy efficiency is a valuable, least-cost alternative to supply-side investments. States’ recognition of this value has grown dramatically in the U.S. over the past ten years, with leading jurisdictions now acquiring more than twice as much electric efficiency savings as they…

Webinar (video)

Introduction to Regional Transmission Organizations and Implications for Clean Power Plan Compliance (Webinar)

Webinar RTOs and Implications for Clean Power Plan Compliance from Regulatory Assistance Project Although individual utility companies own the power plants and lines that generate and carry electricity to consumers, many have joined regional transmission operators (RTOs), which coordinate resources over a broader geographic area to secure greater system reliability and reduce costs. RTOs (also…