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A Layer Cake of Benefits: Recognizing the Full Value of Energy Efficiency (Webinar)

Energy efficiency is recognized as a low-cost, reliable resource, yet investments in efficiency programs lag far behind the level needed to capture all cost-effective efficiency resources. Energy efficiency is often undervalued, in large part because many of the benefits it generates can be difficult to analyze and quantify. State utility commissions can support increased efficiency investments…


Centralized Capacity Markets in Regional Transmission Organizations and Independent System Operators

Mike Hogan, RAP senior advisor, discussed the role of centralized capacity markets as a resource adequacy mechanism at a US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission technical workshop on Centralized Capacity Markets in Regional Transmission (RTO) and Independent System and Operators (ISO) (Docket No. AD13-7-000). Drawing on RAP’s beyond capacity markets concept and the paper What Lies Beyond Capacity…


MADRI Working Group to Examine Combined Heat and Power Benefits and Financial Incentives

The Mid-Atlantic Distributed Resources Initiative (MADRI) kicks off the first in a series of meetings to determine, “What needs to be done to make distributed generation (DG) more accessible to end-use customers, while balancing the interests of all stakeholders?” Over the next year, MADRI participants will seek consensus recommendations related to DG policy or ratemaking topics. The…