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RAP Hosts “Solutions Workshop” to Explore Challenges and Lessons for EED Implementation

More than 60 representatives from energy suppliers, governments, research, consulting, and the NGO sector joined RAP and Energy Efficiency Watch to consider progress towards the EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) and explore solutions for meeting the targets. The “Efficiency Gaps, Directives and Obligations: Challenges and Lessons for EED Implementation” workshop, held in conjunction with the European Council…


Addressing the Joint Challenges of Air Quality and Climate Change Policies

RAP senior associate, Ken Colburn discussed the benefits of an integrated, multi-pollutant energy and air quality planning approach at the Air Quality and Climate Change Policies–Separate or Joint Challenges? workshop in Brussels. Taking an integrated approach lowers costs, reduces trade-offs, and creates more co-benefits associated with meeting Europe’s 2030 energy and climate goals. In particular, energy…


Accounting for Emissions Reductions from Energy Efficiency Programs Highlighted at ACEEE’s Market Transformation Symposium

At the 2013 National Symposium on Market Transformation, RAP associate John Shenot joined Ward Lenz of the North Carolina State Energy Office and Ted Aburn of the Maryland State Department of the Environment to discuss how to account for emissions reductions from state energy efficiency policies and programs. Energy efficiency generally has a lower cost…