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Getting Started: Rethinking Utility Regulation in an Era of Exponential Change (Webinar)

Please accept all cookies below to watch this video. State and federal utility regulators have traditionally controlled the electric power industry through their decisions. But rapid technology change means cleaner, lower-cost, and more resilient options for meeting customers’ energy needs are or soon will be available. Customers may soon have cost-effective options to meet their…


Harnessing Performance-Based Regulation to Meet the Power Sector Challenges of the 21st Century

In many jurisdictions around the world, energy regulators are attempting to spur innovation in the electric power industry by connecting regulatory goals, targets, and measures to utility performance, executive compensation, and investor returns. The lead authors from RAP’s recent report, Next-Generation Performance-Based Regulation, joined Edison Electric Institute for a webinar, co-hosted with the 21st Century…

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Regionalisation of European electricity markets needs a more regional approach (Webinar)

Please accept all cookies below to watch this video. The European Commission’s proposal to establish regional operational centres (ROCs) is a welcome step toward further integration of the EU internal electricity market. Yet, by expanding this proposal, policymakers could improve governance and the remit of the ROCs to ensure a truly regional, coordinated approach to efficient operation…

Webinar (video)

Performance-Based Regulation: The Power of Outcomes (Part 1) (Webinar)

Advanced technologies are unleashing the potential for change in power sectors around the globe, transforming the way electricity is generated, delivered, and consumed. These changes hold great promise for a better, cleaner, more reliable, and lower-cost future. Whether the benefits are achieved will depend on reforming the regulatory approaches to align regulation’s inherent incentives with…


Virtuelle Kraftwerke: Dynamische Umlagen – Auswirkungen für Anbieter und Nachfrager

Im Rahmen der Konferenz „Virtuelle Kraftwerke“ sprach Andreas Jahn, zusammen mit Thorsten Lenck von Agora Energiewende, am 5. Juli zum Thema dynamische Umlagen und ihre Auswirkungen für Anbieter und Nachfrager, insbesondere die mittel- bis langfristige ökonomische Perspektive, den notwendigen Ausgleich für die Nachfrage, die politische Realität, sowie Auswirkungen auf virtuelle Kraftwerke. Die VDI-Konferenz „Virtuelle Kraftwerke“ ist eine…