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Solar and wind only cannibalise prices if you let them: A Power System Blueprint Deep Dive

By Dominic Scott, Bram Claeys

A recurring theme in energy market discussions is the fear that increasing shares of solar and wind with negligible running costs will lead to plummeting electricity prices — so-called price cannibalisation — making further investments in renewables uneconomic. This has fuelled concerns that investment in renewables — having at last reached cost competit...

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Policy Brief February 22, 2023

Better, faster, stronger: A look into further electricity market reforms

By Bram Claeys, Zsuzsanna Pató, Dominic Scott, Andreas Jahn, Michael Hogan

The European energy crisis was not caused by the electricity market. But it sure made people pay closer-than-usual attention to its design. That is not a bad thing. The electricity market becomes ever more important as large swaths of the economy further electrify. The electricity market therefore needs to be fit-for-purpose. In this briefing, RAP lays out how th...

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Policy Brief December 16, 2022

Electricity market reform, beyond the gas crisis

By Bram Claeys, Dominic Scott, Zsuzsanna Pató, Sophie Yule-Bennett, Monika Morawiecka

In the past, power market reform happened to increase efficiency, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, or to improve reliability and security of supply. Today in Europe, the desire to further change the market stems from the ongoing energy crisis. As the European Union introduces a new round of electricity market reforms, RAP explores where new market regulation w...

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Report June 14, 2022

Power System Blueprint

By Zsuzsanna Pató, Bram Claeys, Michael Hogan, Andreas Jahn, Dominic Scott, Tim Simard, Sophie Yule-Bennett

Accomplishing climate neutrality by 2050 requires a zero-emissions power sector by the mid-2030s. Securing a decarbonized power system early will unlock pathways for the whole economy. One of the biggest challenges to accomplishing this ambitious goal is time—we have a need for speed if we want to meet decarbonization goals by 2035.   This is why RAP has c...

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Policy Brief April 15, 2022

Price shock absorber: Temporary electricity price relief during times of gas market crisis

By Michael Hogan, Bram Claeys, Zsuzsanna Pató, Dominic Scott, Sophie Yule-Bennett, Monika Morawiecka

European policymakers are weighing possible responses to the extraordinary surge in energy prices and the consequences for citizens and industry. The European Commission expects to issue additional guidance in May, following analysis due in April from the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators. Targeted relief to vulnerable consumers should be undertaken...

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Policy Brief March 23, 2022

EU can stop Russian gas imports by 2025

By Sarah Brown, Domien Vangenechten, Bram Claeys, Marta Lovisolo

The Russian government's decision to invade Ukraine puts into sharp contrast the deep entanglement between energy, security and geopolitics. Now more than ever, the European Union needs unity and resolve in its response and a focus on resilience in the face of interlinking crises. Authors from Ember, E3G, Bellona and RAP have collaborated to identify the indis...

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Discussion DraftPolicy Brief November 2, 2021

Responses to fossil gas price volatility

By Bram Claeys, Michael Hogan, Dominic Scott

The first ten months of 2021 have seen dramatic increases in energy prices in Europe and elsewhere. Experts now agree that the surging international demand for liquified natural gas and the rise in gas prices are driving electricity prices to seldom-seen heights. The fact that fossil gas accounts for 45% of household energy for heating is real reason for concern,...

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Policy Brief January 5, 2021

Energy communities with grid benefits: A quest for a blueprint

By Bram Claeys

Throughout Europe, energy communities are becoming more abundant as the continent moves towards a cleaner, greener future. It’s easy to see why many people find them appealing — these communities allow organised groups of energy consumers more of a say in their energy choices, while saving money. Member States are discovering that enabling individuals to beco...

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