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Make the Swap: Why it’s Time for Heat Pumps, Not ACs

Amidst rising gas prices and groundbreaking US climate legislation, heat pumps are in the national spotlight. Now is the time to accelerate the deployment of this super-efficient technology across the country. But on a practical level, what is the most feasible and cost-effective path for consumers to adopt and operate heat pumps in their homes?...

Webinar (video)

So, How Does This Work Again? The Role of Advisory Services in Fleet Electrification

Suppose you are a fleet manager, in charge of your organization’s efficient transportation of people and goods. By necessity, you must be an expert at planning, budgeting, financing, purchasing, operations, scheduling, and the maintenance of vehicles that use fossil fuels. Now, suppose you have an opportunity to electrify your fleet. How can you effectively assess...

Policy Brief February 28, 2022

Rate-Making Principles and Net Metering Reform: Pathways for Wisconsin

By John Shenot, Camille Kadoch, Carl Linvill, Jessica Shipley

A growing number of states have considered reforms to their net metering practices in recent years, a period of decreasing prices for distributed energy resources, rapid changes in technology and evolution of the electricity system.  Depending on its design, a net metering program can advance specific policy goals while maintaining sound principles of rate de...

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Presentation January 11, 2022

Performance-Based Regulation (PBR): An Overview

By John Shenot, Camille Kadoch

​In a workshop for the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, John Shenot and Camille Kadoch provided an introduction to performance-based regulation as a key tool for aligning utility, ratepayer and public interests....

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Presentation November 15, 2021

Performance-Based Regulation (PBR): An Overview

By Camille Kadoch, Elaine Prause, Frederick Weston

​​In a webinar for the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission, Camille Kadoch, Elaine Prause and Rick Weston provided an introduction to performance-based regulation as a key tool for aligning utility, ratepayer and public interests....

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Report November 1, 2021

Smart Rate Design for Distributed Energy Resources

By Mark LeBel, Jessica Shipley, Carl Linvill, Camille Kadoch

Net metering with monthly netting — a simple billing mechanism for distributed energy resources (DERs), often primarily solar PV — has existed since the early 1980s. In recent years, there has been a wide-ranging national debate about the best methods to reform rates for distributed energy resources, driven by the inefficiencies of traditional rate designs, c...

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Presentation June 22, 2021

Beneficial Electrification and EV Rate Design

By Camille Kadoch, David Farnsworth

​In a presentation to the South Carolina Electric Vehicle Stakeholder Initiative, Camille Kadoch and David Farnsworth discussed how time-varying rate design plays a central role in optimizing the public benefits of electric vehicles....

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Policy Brief June 15, 2021

Sharing the Good Stuff: Best Practices From Three Minnesota Initiatives

By Carl Linvill, Megan Anderson, David Littell, Camille Kadoch, David Farnsworth

Utility regulators, whether they be veterans or new to the job, are often eager to make a positive impact on the transformation of the electric sector by addressing such areas as distributed generation and storage, electric vehicles (EVs) and carbon policy. Many commissions are breaking new ground in these and other areas and can serve as examples to their peers....

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Presentation May 13, 2021

Beneficial Electrification

By David Farnsworth, Camille Kadoch

​In a presentation for the Southeast Sustainability Directors Network, David Farnsworth and Camille Kadoch discussed strategies to ensure that electrification is beneficial to consumers, the environment and the grid.​  ...

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