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Report December 31, 2001

Comments of Conservation Law Foundation on the Model Regulations for the Output of Specified Air Emissions from Smaller-Scale Electric Generation Resources

By Conservation Law Foundation

The Conservation Law Fund comments on the model regulation for the output of specified air emissions from smaller-scale electric generation resources. CLF applauds the Regulatory Assistance Project and all who helped prepare the model regulations for their efforts. However, it does have several specific comments that it believes would help the model regulations a...

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Report October 24, 1997

Comments of the Conservation Law Foundation on the Final Report of the New England Disclosure Project

By Conservation Law Foundation

This document contains comments of the Conservation Law Foundation on the New England Disclosure Report. The Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) believes that establishing competitive electricity markets will produce major environmental benefits in New England. Open, competitive markets will allow new, cleaner generation to compete with existing nuclear and older, ...

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