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Presentation June 9, 2022

Securing Benefits from Transportation Electrification

By David Farnsworth

​In a presentation for the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission's Transportation Electrification Summit, David Farnsworth discussed the value of electrification as a flexible grid resource as well as the benefits from data tracking and use of advisory services. ...

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Presentation May 26, 2022

Where Do We Go From Here: Visions for a Clean Heat Standard

By Richard Cowart, Stephen Dodge, Erin Overturf, Megan Gilman, David Farnsworth

In a webinar discussion, panelists discussed efforts across the country to put in place clean heat standards or other mandates for reduction of emissions from thermal end uses....

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Where Do We Go From Here: Visions for a Clean Heat Standard

The term “transition” implies moving away from one thing and toward something else. The energy transition in the United States has challenged utility regulators to ensure that the movement away from fossil-fuel-dominated resources, and the adoption of lower-carbon resources in their place, will not put at risk the economic benefits, security, and reliability associated with...

Policy Brief April 26, 2022

Transit Electrification: Challenges and Opportunities

By David Farnsworth, Brian O’Malley

In recent years, states embracing transportation electrification have come to realize that different parts of the transportation sector come with their own challenges and needs. Electrifying the transit sector is no different. Here we focus on the electrification of public transit and highlight some of the major topics that both transit agencies and public utilit...

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So, How Does This Work Again? The Role of Advisory Services in Fleet Electrification

Suppose you are a fleet manager, in charge of your organization’s efficient transportation of people and goods. By necessity, you must be an expert at planning, budgeting, financing, purchasing, operations, scheduling, and the maintenance of vehicles that use fossil fuels. Now, suppose you have an opportunity to electrify your fleet. How can you effectively assess...

Presentation November 16, 2021

Some Thoughts on Rate Design for EVs

By David Farnsworth

​In a presentation for the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission, David Farnsworth explored the role of smart rate design in realizing the full potential of electric vehicles as flexible grid resources. ...

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Participating in Power: How to Read and Respond to Integrated Resource Plans

To address climate and equity challenges, utilities will have to transform the way they plan – ensuring that a full range of resources are considered to meet utility customers’ needs. One of the most important opportunities to ensure such outcomes is via integrated resource plans, or IRPs, which regulated utilities submit to their public utility...

Report October 13, 2021

Participating in Power: How to Read and Respond to Integrated Resource Plans

By Jake Duncan, Julia Eagles, David Farnsworth, John Shenot, Jessica Shipley

Traditionally in planning power sector investments, utilities have been focused on two metrics for success: reliability and affordability. These metrics remain important, but they do not effectively account for the climate, environmental, and human impacts of fossil fuels, which disproportionately affect marginalized communities. To address climate and equity cha...

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Presentation June 24, 2021

Key Drivers for Building Policies

By David Farnsworth

In a presentation to a Vermont Climate Council subcommittee, Christine Donovan and RAP's David Farnsworth discussed the key policy drivers needed to advance the decarbonization of Vermont's building sector....

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Presentation June 22, 2021

Beneficial Electrification and EV Rate Design

By Camille Kadoch, David Farnsworth

​In a presentation to the South Carolina Electric Vehicle Stakeholder Initiative, Camille Kadoch and David Farnsworth discussed how time-varying rate design plays a central role in optimizing the public benefits of electric vehicles....

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