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Policy Brief October 10, 2019

Closing the loopholes: Assessment of the potential impact of tax measures on energy savings claimed under Article 7 of the EED

By Jan Rosenow, Stefan Scheuer

Several studies have shown that energy and carbon taxes play an important role in many EU Member States for meeting their energy savings obligation under Article 7 of the Energy Efficiency Directive for the period from 2014 to 2020. Often, countries introduced those taxes decades ago and have not updated them since. The Regulatory Assistance Project, together wit...

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Report June 26, 2019

Performance-based regulation: Aligning incentives with clean energy outcomes

By Zsuzsanna Pató, Philip Baker, Jan Rosenow

For years European policymakers have been working toward an integrated, competitive energy system. Now the Clean Energy for All Europeans package directs Member States to develop a decarbonised, cost‑efficient energy system that provides consumers with access to affordable and secure energy. The urgency of this task is further heightened by climate concerns. Po...

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Presentation June 5, 2019

Implementing the Efficiency First principle in the UK

By Jan Rosenow

At the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy's (eceee) 2019 summer study, Dr. Jan Rosenow spoke about the Efficiency First principle and key areas where it might be applied in the United Kingdom. He also shared the benefits of Efficiency First, various implementation options and highlighted the synergies between renewable energy and energy efficiency....

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Decarbonising heat in buildings – a comparison of policies in Germany and New England

By Jan Rosenow, David Farnsworth

Decarbonising building heat presents both a significant opportunity and challenge to policymakers. Because of the fuel they use and the resulting carbon emissions, buildings are a critical target for energy efficiency. In order to deliver a clean energy system, most buildings will have to be highly energy efficient. They will need low‑carbon energy technologies...

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Presentation April 25, 2019

Energy efficiency obligations: An introduction

By Jan Rosenow

At a Paris event organised by the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, Dr. Jan Rosenow provided insight into energy efficiency obligations. He shared recommendations for programme design and illustrated how this market-based instrument can trigger significant energy savings as well as public and private investment....

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Presentation March 6, 2019

Economic benefits of energy efficiency obligations

By Jan Rosenow, Richard Cowart

​At a conference held by the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina on its proposed energy efficiency obligation scheme, Dr. Jan Rosenow and Richard Cowart were invited to present on the economic and environmental benefits of this form of energy efficiency programme. In particular, they underlined the numerous benefits for the nation in terms of growth, investmen...

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Market-based instruments for energy efficiency: a global review

By Jan Rosenow, Richard Cowart, Samuel Thomas

There is an increasing interest in the role so-called market-based instruments (MBIs) can play to deliver energy efficiency across the world. Their rising popularity among policymakers owes, in part, to their characteristics. They tend to be less prescriptive than traditional regulations and grants because they focus on the energy savings versus the means of deli...

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Policy Brief

Carbon leverage: Investing Europe’s carbon revenues in energy efficiency

By Catharina Wiese, Richard Cowart, Jan Rosenow

In the lively debate around carbon pricing and emission reductions, one crucial aspect is consistently missing. Much of the debate focuses on the carbon price alone. However, carbon revenues are at least as important as carbon prices if Europe’s goal is to accelerate emission reductions to meet our Paris commitments—and do so at a pace that is both affo...

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Presentation December 11, 2018

The British Green Deal: How not to design an energy efficiency policy

By Jan Rosenow

​To highlight the characteristics of successful energy efficiency program design, Jan Rosenow examined why the United Kingdom’s highly ambitious “Green Deal” residential insulation initiative failed. Speaking at a side event of the COP24 (Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) in Katowice, Poland, Dr. Rosenow ...

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