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Policy Brief June 14, 2021

Fit for 55: Aligning European policy for decarbonised heat in buildings

By Louise Sunderland, Marion Santini, Jan Rosenow

Heat in buildings is still largely delivered by burning fossil fuels. To meet Europe’s 2030 climate target, the European Commission assesses the buildings sector must reduce emissions by 60% over 2015, and close to one in four heating systems will need to be replaced. How do we ensure that these systems are replaced with decarbonised alternatives? Two centra...

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Policy Brief June 10, 2021

Making renewable heating ‘Fit for 55’

By Samuel Thomas, Dominic Scott, Jan Rosenow

The European Union has committed to several ambitious climate targets, including the reduction of carbon emissions by a net of 55% by 2030 compared to 1990. To meet these goals, the European Commission expects to rapidly decarbonise its building sector throughout the decade. One way to ensure the EU meets its targets and drives massive change is to replace older,...

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The ‘magical moment’ is now: Decarbonise heat in the EU

Please accept all cookies below to watch this video. Electrifying heat would push Europe significantly closer to its decarbonisation goals. And there is no time to wait: The heating and cooling sector currently accounts for 50% of the EU’s final energy consumption. Luckily, we don’t need to wait for a ‘magical moment’ to deploy solutions...

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Integrated solutions for electrification: three approaches from three countries

Please accept all cookies below to watch this video. The path to a climate-neutral Europe in 2050 will be paved with a variety of solutions. Diverse conditions in European countries require holistic planning approaches, tailored to local needs, to progress towards a net-zero power system. In the fifth webinar of the Electrification Academy, Leonardo Energy...

Report March 24, 2021

Getting on track to net zero: A policy package for a heat pump mass market in the UK

By Richard Lowes, Jan Rosenow, Pedro Guertler

As the UK energy system moves towards net zero compliance, heat pumps will likely play a key role in this transition. In fact, the government is currently proposing a target of 600,000 heat pumps to be installed annually by 2028. This is an ambitious goal, but it will fall far short of deployment levels needed to meet a net zero target. Today’s Renewable Hea...

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Report May 18, 2020

Equity in the energy transition: Who pays and who benefits?

By Louise Sunderland, Andreas Jahn, Michael Hogan, Jan Rosenow, Richard Cowart

With its pending Green Deal, the European Commission is striving to make Europe the first climate-neutral region by 2050. A lot is at stake with this goal. The transition to clean energy can help mitigate climate change and bring extensive social, health and well-being benefits to all Europeans. This process, however, is not without costs, particularly in the sho...

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Policy Brief

Response to European Commission consultation on EU strategy for energy sector integration

By Marion Santini, Jan Rosenow

Announced as part of the European Green Deal, the EU strategy for energy system integration aims to better link the different energy sectors in the EU — electricity, gas, buildings, transport, industry — to help them reduce carbon emissions. In May 2020, RAP provided a contribution to the European Commission ahead of the publication of the strategy on 8 Ju...

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Presentation May 7, 2020

Heating without the hot air: Principles for smart heat electrification

By Jan Rosenow, Richard Lowes

In a webinar for LEONARDO Energy, Dr. Jan Rosenow and Dr. Richard Lowes presented pragmatic principles and policies for smart electrification of heating in Europe. They highlighted that decarbonising heat is critical for meeting climate and clean air goals; electrification is a key strategy....

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Webinar (video)

Heating without the hot air: Principles for smart heat electrification (Webinar)

Please accept all cookies below to watch this video. Heating in buildings is responsible for almost one-third of total EU energy demand. And most of that heat is met by burning fossil fuels. In order to decarbonise heating, many see electrification as a key strategy. The transformative challenge of electrifying heating is attainable, yet should...

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Heat Decarbonisation: Lessons for the Smart Sector Integration Strategy of the EU to achieve the long-term climate goals

Heating of buildings accounts for almost one-third of the European Union’s total energy demand. And most of that heat is provided by burning fossil fuels. With the European Commission currently developing a Smart Sector Integration Strategy in the context of the European Green Deal, it is timely to reflect on the transformative challenge of heat...