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Electric Cost Allocation for a New Era: Principles and Concepts

Cost allocation, one of the major steps in the traditional regulatory process for setting utility rates, has been addressed in several important publications over the past 60 years. These works and historic best practices are foundational — but the legacy methods from the 20th century are no more suited to the new realities of the...

Discussion Draft February 11, 2020

Taking First Steps: Insights for State Utility Commissions Preparing for Electric Transportation

By David Farnsworth, Jessica Shipley, Joni Sliger, Mark LeBel, Megan O’Reilly

As the market for electric vehicles (EVs) in the United States continues to grow, states are beginning to pay more attention to the issues that arise. While no one state agency has clear responsibility for it, utility commissions are taking their first steps toward determining how best to prepare for, accommodate and promote this transition. They are meeting w...

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Report January 2, 2020

Electric Cost Allocation for a New Era: A Manual

By Jim Lazar, Paul Chernick, William Marcus, Mark LeBel

Cost allocation is one of the major steps in the traditional regulatory process for setting utility rates. In this step, the regulators are primarily determining how to equitably divide a set amount of costs, typically referred to as the revenue requirement, among several broadly defined classes of ratepayers. The data and analytical methods used to inform cost a...

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Presentation September 10, 2019

Evolving Frameworks for Resources, Revenue and Rate Design

By Mark LeBel

At a National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners Subcommittee on Accounting and Finance meeting in Milwaukee, Mark LeBel ​provided an overview of smart rate design and discussed innovative revenue models and incentives that align with today's flexible resources....

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Presentation July 16, 2019

Funding Roadway Infrastructure in an Electrified World

By Karen Glitman, Mark LeBel, Jim Lazar

In a webinar on July 16, Mark LeBel and Jim Lazar from RAP, along with Karen Glitman of the Center for Sustainable Energy, discussed and answered questions about the current state of transportation funding, the causes of highway construction and maintenance costs, and ways to implement better solutions for everyone who shares the roads....

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Webinar (video)

Funding Transportation in an Electrified World

In recent years, fuel taxes and other funding mechanisms have not kept pace with the increasing costs of building and maintaining transportation infrastructure. Improved overall vehicle fuel efficiency has reduced fuel tax revenues. The growing number of electric vehicles on the road is beginning to contribute to this challenge. Some states, perceiving that EV owners...

Presentation May 6, 2019

Subscription Rates and the Public Interest

By Mark LeBel, Jim Lazar, Carl Linvill

In a webinar for the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners' rate design subcommittee, Mark LeBel, Jim Lazar and Carl Linvill explored principles to guide smart subscription rate design....

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