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Equity in the energy transition: Who pays and who benefits?

By Louise Sunderland, Andreas Jahn, Michael Hogan, Jan Rosenow, Richard Cowart

With its pending Green Deal, the European Commission is striving to make Europe the first climate-neutral region by 2050. A lot is at stake with this goal. The transition to clean energy can help mitigate climate change and bring extensive social, health and well-being benefits to all Europeans. This process, however, is not without costs, particularly in the sho...

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Market reform options for a reliable, cost-efficient and decarbonised Italian power system

By Christos Kolokathis, Michael Hogan

In its recent draft National Energy and Climate Plan, Italy set ambitious targets for increasing the share of variable renewable energy and committed to closing all coal plants by 2025. These developments, coupled with concerns about the economic viability of power plants and the ability to “keep the lights on,” resulted in the government introducing a capaci...

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Presentation June 21, 2019

Responsive Demand: Lessons for a Low-Carbon Transformation

By Michael Hogan

​In a presentation to the New Hampshire Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Energy Board in Concord, Michael Hogan explored market fundamentals and the changing role of demand response, demand response participation and compensation, and technology and retail tariff design in the transition to a decarbonized power sector....

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Presentation June 17, 2019

NextGen wholesale markets: What objectives? What challenges? What solutions?

By Michael Hogan

The International Energy Agency invited Michael Hogan to speak at an invitation-only workshop of its Electricity Security Advisory Panel. He highlighted the importance of flexibility, energy pricing and the role of consumers in wholesale markets to achieve fast, reliable and affordable decarbonisation of energy....

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Fuel Security in the PJM Market

By Michael Hogan

​In a presentation to the Organization of PJM States, Michael Hogan discussed fuel security and reliability in the PJM territory....

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Presentation February 5, 2019

“Capacity” adequacy and adequate system flexibility: The secret to getting both at least cost

By Michael Hogan

Michael Hogan was invited to speak about resource adequacy and power system flexibility at a workshop in Budapest organised by the Hungarian regulatory authority. He explored best practices for assessing necessary resources, the role of energy pricing, and recommendations for ensuring security of supply and flexibility at least cost....

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Presentation December 20, 2018

Demand Response in the US: Lessons for a low-carbon transformation

By Michael Hogan

​In a webinar for Leonardo Energy's DSM University, Michael Hogan provided insight into U.S. experience with demand response. He explored this customer-side resource in the context of market fundamentals, describing its evolving role in the transition to a low-carbon power sector. The success of demand response depends on who is allowed to participate and ho...

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Policy Brief November 8, 2018

Regional resource adequacy assessments: The key to ensuring security of supply at a reasonable cost

By Christos Kolokathis, Philip Baker, Michael Hogan

The cost-efficient sharing of resources between Member States could save European consumers 8 billion euros annually by 2030 by reducing the need for investment in new resources to keep the lights on, according to the European Commission’s estimates. However, these benefits will largely remain unexploited if Member States continue with the current, uncoordinate...

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Policy Brief

Power systems in the 2020s: What can Germany and the PJM region learn from each other?

By Michael Hogan, Frederick Weston, Raffaele Piria

The PJM market in the United States and the integrated electricity market in the EU are two examples of competitive wholesale electricity markets. As such, both approach the task of delivering reliable electricity to consumers at a reasonable cost from a broadly shared perspective. That said, the details of each and the contexts within which they operate are in m...

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