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Report June 14, 2022

Power System Blueprint

By Zsuzsanna Pató, Bram Claeys, Michael Hogan, Andreas Jahn, Dominic Scott, Tim Simard, Sophie Yule-Bennett

Accomplishing climate neutrality by 2050 requires a zero-emissions power sector by the mid-2030s. Securing a decarbonized power system early will unlock pathways for the whole economy. One of the biggest challenges to accomplishing this ambitious goal is time—we have a need for speed if we want to meet decarbonization goals by 2035.   This is why RAP has c...

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Policy Brief April 15, 2022

Price shock absorber: Temporary electricity price relief during times of gas market crisis

By Michael Hogan, Bram Claeys, Zsuzsanna Pató, Dominic Scott, Sophie Yule-Bennett, Monika Morawiecka

European policymakers are weighing possible responses to the extraordinary surge in energy prices and the consequences for citizens and industry. The European Commission expects to issue additional guidance in May, following analysis due in April from the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators. Targeted relief to vulnerable consumers should be undertaken...

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Discussion DraftPolicy Brief November 2, 2021

Responses to fossil gas price volatility

By Bram Claeys, Michael Hogan, Dominic Scott

The first ten months of 2021 have seen dramatic increases in energy prices in Europe and elsewhere. Experts now agree that the surging international demand for liquified natural gas and the rise in gas prices are driving electricity prices to seldom-seen heights. The fact that fossil gas accounts for 45% of household energy for heating is real reason for concern,...

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Policy Brief

Recommendations on ERCOT Wholesale Market Design (Texas Project 52373)

By Michael Hogan

In a second-round submission of comments to the Public Utility Commission of Texas's proceeding on market design, RAP offered recommendations for reforms to the Electricity Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) energy market, focusing on resource adequacy, demand response and ancillary services....

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Policy Brief

Comments on Texas Project 52373: Review of Wholesale Electric Market Design

By Michael Hogan

In response to questions posed by the Public Utility Commission of Texas in its review of wholesale market design, RAP offered comments considering the range of power grid issues posed by the February 2021 outages that hit the state, focusing on remediating the identifiable root causes while preserving what is best about the Texas electricity market....

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Webinar (video)

Anatomy of the Texas power outage: Where do the facts lead so far?

If the video is not visible, please accept all cookies to enable the player. In February 2021, an energy crisis in the U.S. state of Texas dominated the news around the globe. Citizens in homes unequipped for freezing temperatures struggled without power for days. The world watched in dismay as the situation grew more disastrous...

Webinar (video)

Smart charging puts the pedal to the metal on emobility (Webinar)

Smart charging represents the intersection where decarbonising power and electrifying transport meet. It is a crucial building block for a sustainable energy system to power electric cars through solar and wind energy. Encouraging consumers to shift electric vehicle charging to hours when the power system is not under stress generates benefits for the grid, the...

Policy Brief

Sea breeze: Measures to ensure a collaborative and cost-efficient future for offshore wind in Europe

By Michael Hogan, Andreas Jahn, Zsuzsanna Pató

Given the urgency of the transition to clean energy, Europe has set its sights high. The European Union aims to halve greenhouse gas emissions in the next ten years and attain net zero by 2050. Electrification from renewable energy resources will play an important role in these decarbonisation efforts. The European Commission envisions offshore...

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Policy Brief June 18, 2020

Get What You Need: Reclaiming Consumer-Centric Resource Adequacy

By Michael Hogan, David Littell

​​PJM and the other U.S. independent system operators/regional transmission operators have a record of delivering enormous consumer benefits in the 20-plus years since organized wholesale markets were first introduced in the United States. But the Minimum Offer Price Rule order issued by FERC in December – requiring PJM to rewrite its capacity market rules ...

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Report May 18, 2020

Equity in the energy transition: Who pays and who benefits?

By Louise Sunderland, Andreas Jahn, Michael Hogan, Jan Rosenow, Richard Cowart

With its pending Green Deal, the European Commission is striving to make Europe the first climate-neutral region by 2050. A lot is at stake with this goal. The transition to clean energy can help mitigate climate change and bring extensive social, health and well-being benefits to all Europeans. This process, however, is not without costs, particularly in the sho...

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