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Report June 21, 2013

Best Practices in Electric Utility Integrated Resource Planning

By Rachel Wilson, Bruce Biewald

Integrated resource planning (IRP) has been widely used in the US for over twenty years. Although some state IRP rules have remained unchanged since they were first implemented, other states have amended, repealed, and in some cases reinstated their IRP rules. Recently amended IRP rules often reflect current concerns in the electric industry, e.g., fuel costs and...

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Report November 16, 2012

Strategies for Decarbonizing the Electric Power Supply

By Lucy Johnston, Rachel Wilson

Policy makers around the world, in both developed and developing economies, have to make decisions today about how to avoid greenhouse gas emissions and the calamitous effects of climate change. These decisions are not only about avoiding tons of greenhouse gases. They are also about the need to avoid the cheapest tons first. Drawing on experience across the glob...

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