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Fact Sheet

Carbon revenues for a just transition

By Louise Sunderland, Richard Cowart

We have in Europe today a huge new opportunity to clean up our energy system, advance social justice and address catastrophic climate change. In this fact sheet, we illuminate the path to achieving these goals — carbon revenue recycling. In other words, we need to invest Europe's EU Emissions Trading System auction revenues into strategic programmes for energy ...

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Presentation March 6, 2019

Economic benefits of energy efficiency obligations

By Jan Rosenow, Richard Cowart

​At a conference held by the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina on its proposed energy efficiency obligation scheme, Dr. Jan Rosenow and Richard Cowart were invited to present on the economic and environmental benefits of this form of energy efficiency programme. In particular, they underlined the numerous benefits for the nation in terms of growth, investmen...

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Report February 28, 2019

Economic Benefits and Energy Savings through Low-Cost Carbon Management

By Richard Cowart, David Farnsworth, Frederick Weston

In the 2018 legislative session, the Vermont Legislature called for a study to examine the possible methods, costs, and benefits of using carbon pricing to address the problem of carbon pollution in the state. RAP was then asked to assess that study, produced by Resources for the Future (RFF), as further analysis for the Legislature's Joint Fiscal Office. To a...

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Presentation February 16, 2019

Carbon Efficiency: Opportunities for Leadership in Vermont

By Richard Cowart

​In a keynote address at Vermont Law School in South Royalton, Vermont, Richard Cowart explored carbon efficiency as a framework to guide cost-effective and fair climate policies....

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Market-based instruments for energy efficiency: a global review

By Jan Rosenow, Richard Cowart, Samuel Thomas

There is an increasing interest in the role so-called market-based instruments (MBIs) can play to deliver energy efficiency across the world. Their rising popularity among policymakers owes, in part, to their characteristics. They tend to be less prescriptive than traditional regulations and grants because they focus on the energy savings versus the means of deli...

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Policy Brief

Carbon leverage: Investing Europe’s carbon revenues in energy efficiency

By Catharina Wiese, Richard Cowart, Jan Rosenow

In the lively debate around carbon pricing and emission reductions, one crucial aspect is consistently missing. Much of the debate focuses on the carbon price alone. However, carbon revenues are at least as important as carbon prices if Europe’s goal is to accelerate emission reductions to meet our Paris commitments—and do so at a pace that is both affo...

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Policy Brief June 5, 2017

Aligning Europe’s Policies for Carbon, Efficiency, and Renewables: Creating a “Virtuous Cycle” of Performance and Emissions Reduction

By Richard Cowart, Matthias Buck, Suzana Carp

Since the earliest days of environmental policy there has been an ongoing and robust debate over the roles of pollution pricing on the one hand, and direct regulatory and governmental programs on the other hand, as tools to reduce pollution levels equitably and efficiently. Today, as European decision-makers simultaneously negotiate the rules for the 4th Phase of...

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Report June 5, 2017

Energy saving obligations across three continents: contrasting approaches and results

By Steven Nadel, Richard Cowart, David Crossley, Jan Rosenow

One of the major energy efficiency strategies in the EU is a requirement that Member States establish energy efficiency obligation (EEO) schemes or alternative measures that would deliver a growing level of energy savings from measures delivered to end use energy customers. Sixteen Member States have adopted or plan to adopt such schemes, including six whose sche...

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Report June 5, 2017

Will the Winter Package deliver on efficiency first?

By Richard Cowart, Mariangiola Fabbri, Jan Rosenow

The European Commission’s so-called ‘Winter Package' of energy legislation will provide the framework for energy policy in the European Union for many years to come. It contains proposals for a whole range of energy-related reforms including energy markets, energy infrastructure, renewable energy, climate policy, and energy demand. In this paper, we carry out...

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