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Policy Brief November 5, 2020

Demand Charges: What Are They Good For?

By Mark LeBel, Frederick Weston, Ronny Sandoval

Demand charges have existed since nearly the beginning of the electric industry. Although utilities often favor them, economists have continually questioned whether these rates — applied to an individual customer’s maximum short-term usage in a billing period — are an efficient form of pricing. This paper does a deep dive on demand charges and cost causatio...

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Webinar (video)

Energy Efficiency as a Transmission and Distribution Resource (Webinar)

If the video is not visible, please accept all cookies to enable the player. The Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP), with support from the Energy Foundation, offered this webinar at no charge to participants as part of a series of training courses on energy efficiency program design and implementation. Please follow this link for a recording...

Presentation June 28, 2012

Energy Efficiency as a Transmission and Distribution Resource Webinar

By Chris Neme, Michael Harrington, Ronny Sandoval

Improvements to electric efficiency in homes and businesses provide a variety of benefits to both the customers making the improvements and to the electric system as a whole. The most widely recognized are energy savings and system peak demand savings. A much less widely recognized benefit is the potential to enhance the reliability of the transmission and distri...

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