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Strengthening synergies between climate effort sharing and energy savings obligations

By Jakob Graichen, Stefan Scheuer, Samuel Thomas

The European Union's new 55% climate target will bring major revisions of the EU’s energy and climate laws. Quite opposing policy options are on the table: Strengthening the existing policy architecture or moving to a carbon price all-out approach. RAP teamed up with Stefan Scheuer Consulting and Öko-Institut to inform the discussion about these options. Their...

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Policy Brief October 10, 2019

Closing the loopholes: Assessment of the potential impact of tax measures on energy savings claimed under Article 7 of the EED

By Jan Rosenow, Stefan Scheuer

Several studies have shown that energy and carbon taxes play an important role in many EU Member States for meeting their energy savings obligation under Article 7 of the Energy Efficiency Directive for the period from 2014 to 2020. Often, countries introduced those taxes decades ago and have not updated them since. The Regulatory Assistance Project, together wit...

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Policy Brief April 16, 2018

Destination Paris: Why the EU’s climate policy will derail without energy efficiency

By Jan Rosenow, Jakob Graichen, Stefan Scheuer

Without bold energy efficiency policies, it will be impossible to reach the goals articulated in the Paris Agreement. This is the main finding of authors from the Regulatory Assistance Project, Öko-Institut, and Stefan Scheuer Consulting, who identified the impact of Article 7 of the Energy Efficiency Directive on the EU’s climate targets. Their new brief pose...

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