In a webinar hosted by the Clean Energy States Alliance, Michael Hogan discussed wholesale market design recommendations for driving investment in the flexible resources needed to ensure reliability as the share of intermittent renewable resources grows. He emphasized that reaching so-called grid parity — when an alternative energy source can generate electricity at a levelized cost that is less than or equal to the price of purchasing power from the electricity grid — requires much more than simple deployment of the resources. The power markets must adapt by recognizing the value of energy efficiency, upgrading grid operations to enable more flexibility in the short term, and upgrading investment incentives to unlock flexibility in the long term. He underscored these recommendations with examples from capability markets. The webinar was held within the framework of America’s Power Plan, a partnership of more than 150 top energy experts designed to tackle the tough questions and propose a path to overcoming regulatory, legal, and economic barriers to a cleaner, more efficient energy future. As part of the project, Mr. Hogan authored a report on aligning power markets to deliver value from new technologies.