Carl Linvill outlined the recommended path to least cost integration of renewable energy sources in the West at the Law Seminars International Conference in Las Vegas. The amount of renewable resources is expected to more than double between 2010 and 2022. Integrating these resources will require an unprecedented level of cooperation within the electric industry, as well as between the industry and state, subregional, and federal entities. Phase III of the Western Renewable Energy Zone project forges nine building blocks toward achieving this level of integration, such as expanding sub-hourly scheduling, facilitating dynamic transfers, retooling demand response, and leveraging geographic diversity. Mr. Linvill encourages utilities to take advantage of the geographical diversity of loads and establish interregional power exchanges. The exchange of these resources may take place in the context of an independent system operator (ISO) or not. Success depends on improving functionality and creating customer value to improve reliability and minimize costs. See the second to last slide of this presentation for additional resource materials.