Chris James discusses the comprehensive air quality plans and requirements that were announced in September 2013 by China’s State Council at the Wilson Center’s China Environment Forum. These actions require China’s major cities to reduce PM2.5 ambient concentrations by 15%-25% between 2013 and 2017, establish coal caps in China’s major cities, and require improvements in end-use energy consumption. Drawing comparisons between economic development in China and the United States, Mr. James explored the indicators that compelled each country to act on improving its environment. He also highlighted actions taken by both nations to reduce air pollution and protect public health. Despite the U.S. government shutdown, approximately 90 people attended the presentation, with an additional 15-20 people on the phone. Since 1997, the Wilson Center’s China Environment Forum has offered speakers the opportunity to present and discuss the most imperative environmental and sustainable development issues in China to an American audience. The Wilson Center previously featured actions on water constraints (The Circle of Blue) and recent results from Chinese researchers on the effects of air pollution.