On September 20, 2012, RAP held a workshop for the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and the Public Utility Regulatory Authority. Robert Grace, President of Sustainable Energy Advantage, spoke to the Commissioners about the current landscape, strategies, and cost control opportunities associated with Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS). He provided a general overview of this complicated subject before delving into the economics of renewable energy projects with specific examples of long-term contracting for renewables, various complementary programs in the New England states, as well as successful, proposed, or promising cost control measures. Mr. Grace emphasized that RPS objectives matter and should drive major decisions, supported by rational and coherent policy. By the same token, regulators must accurately assess the design details and market context. They need solid analytical support for targets to have any hope of getting the desired results. He highlighted the importance for states to get the incentives right. As he put it, “everyone is watching… and reacting.”