Rhode Island’s energy system is growing more complex, particularly as consumers adopt more distributed energy resources. State regulators see themselves “at the cusp of a fundamental long-term transformation” of the energy system, which presents both opportunities and challenges. State regulators convened a stakeholder group, Systems Integration Rhode Island (SIRI), to examine the many processes in place in Rhode Island to protect customers and the environment, oversee the utility and guide investment in clean energy, as well as consider how they can improve their engagement. In a presentation to a public audience, Richard Sedano joined other members of the SIRI group to present and discuss findings of their report “Systems Integration Rhode Island Vision Document.” The authors set out the framework for the SIRI project by defining the goals, foundations, and principles. This foundational report also maps out the key issues related to the future of Rhode Island’s electric grid and offers initial recommendations for addressing opportunities, filling existing gaps, and creating efficiencies in existing state processes.