On 2 March 2012, RAP Senior Advisor Dr David Crossley received an Energy All-Star Award from the Australian Alliance to Save Energy for outstanding achievements in moving Australia towards a smarter, cleaner energy sector.

The prestigious awards recognises those individuals who have demonstrated exemplary dedication, innovation and passion in furthering the deployment of clean energy, who have largely been unsung heroes, and who have made a clear mark to improve the Australian energy sector.

David received the Energy All-Star Award for Peak Demand Management for his more than 30 years of outstanding leadership in policy and practice in demand-side management both in Australia and internationally.

David played a key role in the first phase of demand-side management in Australia as the inaugural director of energy planning for the Victorian State Government in the 1980s and, during the 1990s, as the senior executive responsible for demand-side management and energy efficiency in the former Australian electricity utility Pacific Power.  In 1992, David wrote the demand-side management sections in the National Grid Protocol, the original design for the Australian National Electricity Market (NEM).  He coordinated national policy on demand-side management and energy efficiency in the development of the NEM.

In 1996, David was responsible for planning and establishing the Sustainable Energy Development Authority for the New South Wales State Government with a mandate to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  He also directed three important projects for the International Energy Agency Demand Side Management Programme and is currently working with the Regulatory Assistance Project in providing assistance on demand-side management and energy efficiency to government, regulators and the electricity industry in China.