Dr. Jan Rosenow, an international energy efficiency expert based in the UK, will join the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP) as a senior associate in March 2016. Dr. Rosenow has more than ten years’ experience on energy efficiency policy, and brings deep expertise in energy efficiency obligations and financial instruments that promote energy savings and demand response. He will contribute to RAP’s wide-ranging work on European clean energy policies, with special emphasis on efficiency programs in the UK and Germany, as well as EU-wide efficiency initiatives.

“Jan is a superb analyst and a trusted advisor to decision-makers in governments and energy industries,” stated Richard Cowart, RAP’s EU director. “We are very glad that he has agreed to join the RAP team as we make the promise of ‘Efficiency First’ into a reality for sustainable, secure, and affordable energy systems across Europe.”

Prior to his engagement with RAP, Dr. Rosenow led energy efficiency policy work for Ricardo Energy & Environment, a global sustainability consultancy focused on energy and climate change. He has provided policy advice to a wide range of stakeholders including the European Commission, the European Parliament, government departments, think tanks, the energy efficiency industry, and utilities. Recently, he worked closely with the European Commission’s DG Energy on the implementation of the Energy Efficiency Directive and in particular the evaluation of Article 7.

In addition to his background in consulting, Dr. Rosenow also has a strong track record in energy research—he has held research appointments at leading institutes in Germany and the United States, and is now a senior research fellow at the Science Policy Research Unit, Sussex University, and an honorary research associate at Oxford University’s renowned Environmental Change Institute.

“Jan has deep experience in energy research and a demonstrated ability to translate that research into effective policy,” Cowart added. “This is the kind of expertise needed to guide the coming energy transition, where consumer-side resources will play an increasingly important role.”

Dr. Rosenow earned a master’s in environmental policy and regulation from the London School of Economics, a master’s in geoscience from Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, and a doctorate from Oxford University. A German native, Dr. Rosenow lives and works in Oxford, England.

Contact: Edith Bayer