In a written statement at the annual conference hosted by the German Industry Initiative for Energy Efficiency (DENEFF), Minister Sigmar Gabriel embraces the “Efficiency First” policy articulated by RAP in a number of recent presentations and publications in Germany.

His statement begins, “Reducing energy consumption is one of the guiding principles of the Energiewende [Energy Transition]. The motto “Efficiency First” clearly illustrates that energy conservation is of the highest priority. Any remaining demand will then be served by renewable energy sources.” [emphasis added.]

Minister Gabriel goes on to say, “The National Energy Efficiency Action Plan is a large step in the right direction. We’re continuing resolutely down this path with the energy efficiency strategy for buildings. Still, we remain open to forward-thinking developments—new technologies, innovation, and evolving customer needs represent more than additional challenges for us. They also offer new opportunities for achieving the goals of the Energiewende and create excellent prospects for German industry in foreign and domestic markets. One example is the implementation of automated metering and control systems that can precisely identify and harness potential improvements in energy efficiency.”

The Minister’s written statement signals a strong Efficiency First theme for the Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy’s forthcoming “Green Book” on energy efficiency policy.

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