The newly established energy think tank, Forum for Energy, will partner with the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP) to support dialogue about a clean, safe, and efficient power system in Poland. RAP’s Edith Bayer and Jan Rączka will work closely with Forum staff to provide technical advice and policy analysis, while RAP Director Richard Cowart serves on the Forum’s supervisory board.

The Polish power sector faces many challenges, including replacing aging coal plants with more flexible resources, addressing increasing summer demand, and navigating integration with neighbouring power markets. Meeting these challenges calls for independent analysis and public debate to understand the issues and develop solutions that can ensure a reliable, clean power system at least cost to consumers. The Forum conducts fact-based research, hosts high-level dialogues on the challenges facing the power sector, and serves as a knowledge hub for decision-makers in Poland and in the region. Research and dialogue focus on the market design debate, regional cooperation, flexibility challenges, energy and environmental regulation, and elements of the future power mix.

“RAP is honored to be a key partner in this new chapter with the Forum for Energy in Poland,” said Richard Cowart, RAP’s director of European programmes. “We will continue to draw on RAP’s experience in Poland, across Europe, and globally—with energy and environmental policy, energy markets and regulation, and customer-side resources—to inform the dialogue and help the Forum frame solutions to the challenges facing the Polish power sector.”

The Forum for Energy is a continuation of the Forum for Energy Analysis, a joint project of Agora Energiewende, RAP, and the Warsaw Institute for Economic Studies (now WiseEuropa) established three years ago. Recent work (in English) includes Elements of Market Design for Poland and Market Mechanisms for Resource Adequacy and System Security: Framing the Issues.

Contact: Edith Bayer