BRUSSELS, Belgium—More than 400 participants gathered in Presqu’île de Giens, France, for the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy’s (eceee) summer study, Europe’s premier gathering of the energy efficiency community. Driven by the sobering findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s 2018 report, the experts explored solutions for tackling rising energy consumption and waning energy efficiency ambition in Europe. Eceee tapped the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP) to lead seven sessions over the five‑day event.

Covering a wide array of topics, RAP specialists fueled discussions on Efficiency First, the key role of consumers, demand response and energy efficiency policies in markets, carbon revenue recycling, best practices for implementing energy efficiency policies and more.

“I look forward to the eceee summer study every time, because it’s far and away the best opportunity for insightful discussions with my peers,” said Europe programme director and eceee board member Jan Rosenow. “It’s a leading venue for sharing lessons on the key role of energy efficiency in buildings, the juxtaposition of efficiency and electrification, and other key topics.”

Louise Sunderland, one of RAP’s energy efficiency experts, agrees. “The challenges of meeting the Paris agreement goals are enormous. We need to work together to ensure that our solutions also protect vulnerable consumers. The summer study is always inspiring, thought-provoking and energising.”