RAP Senior Associate Lisa Schwartz was recently appointed by Governor John Kitzhaber as the new Director of the Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE). In her new role, Ms. Schwartz will oversee the 120-employee agency and implement the state’s new 10-Year Energy Action Plan, which aims to maximize energy efficiency, remove barriers to the development of clean energy resources, and accelerate the transition to a more efficient transportation system.

“With more than 25 years of experience in the energy field, Ms. Schwartz brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her new position. Under her direction, the state of Oregon will continue to lead the country to creative and innovative energy solutions,” said Richard Sedano, US Programs Director. “We will miss Lisa’s enthusiasm and wit, but know that ODOE will flourish under her leadership.”

During her four years at RAP, Ms. Schwartz assisted the Western Governors’ Association with its Western Renewable Energy Zones Initiative, coordinated technical advisory groups for utilities with USDOE-funded dynamic pricing studies, and advised the State-Provincial Steering Committee’s Demand-Side Management Working Group. Her work for state regulatory commissions included identifying ways to use smart grids for clean energy solutions.

Ms. Schwartz continues to serve as the integrated resource planning expert on the Western Electricity Coordinating Council’s Transmission Expansion Planning Policy Committee.