Even though some states are battling the federal Clean Power Plan in court, they are working at the same time to develop strategies to comply with it. Climate Wire reported that even states that are suing are in many cases trying to figure out how they would achieve the emissions cuts called for under the plan, and some are meeting with interested parties, for example, to get a sense of how they could comply.

Ken Colburn, a principal at RAP, was quoted in the story, noting it was a good approach for states.

“I think many of them are proceeding ahead even if it’s only the umbrella of Plan B, and I think that’s wise,” Mr. Colburn said.

“Most are having stakeholder meetings, and certainly the discussions between [public utility commissions] and air regulators are well under way now since even before the proposed rule,” he added. “I think those developments are proceeding as though they are going to be necessary without any advertising.”

Mr. Colburn was also quoted in a recent Utility Dive story covering the subject.

Contact: Jake Brown