Press Release

RAP Highlights the Role of the Mighty Consumer in Poland

…reinforce power networks. Introduce dynamic tariffs that align customer incentives with power system needs. A recording of the conference and the presentations are available on the Forum for Energy website….


Engaging Utilities and Regulators

…SolSmart Advisor Training in Washington, D.C., about utility engagement strategies to reduce barriers to the development of solar energy. Other resources from this training are available on the SolSmart website….


The Duck is Learning to Fly in California and Hawaii

…which accentuates the perception of a steep afternoon rise in usage). Note: Chart from Energy Institute at Haas. All data taken from CAISO website. Graph summarizes hourly data, March 28-April…


Lighting the Path to a Brighter Future

…tout the good work being done in each project, but details are available on the SMP website. RAP supports SMP as a member of the National Coordination Team, led by…