Pricing and Rate Design

…utility regulators apply well-established principles to design smarter rates that maximize the value of technology innovations, open up new markets, and accommodate the distribution and diversification of customer-sited generation resources….


Smart Pricing: Because Time Matters

…principles for modern rate design and discusses rate design issues particularly associated with distributed generation, noting that the costs to deploy onsite generation are dropping and customers increasingly value choice….


The Inexorable Shift of the US Power Sector

…is easier to site than traditional facilities. Renewable energy and energy efficiency are, by extension, risk-reduction strategies. Take cost, for example: most clean energy projects provide guaranteed energy and capacity…


The Next Quantum Leap in Electric Efficiency—Game On

…other changes on the utility’s side of the meter. Just efficiency. We do not consider impacts of customer-sited renewables that generate rather than reduce consumption of electricity. Affecting electricity consumption…


NJ Electric Utility Regulation Workshop: Part 1 – Rate Design

…resources, encouraging energy efficiency, addressing climate change, while also ensuring fairness, universal access, and social justice. In markets increasingly influenced by customer-sited resources and automation technology, traditional rate design works…