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Christos Kolokathis, RAP

Christos Kolokathis


Telephone: +32 2 789 3010
Mobile: +32 465 52 03 81

Email: [email protected]

Christos Kolokathis provides research, analysis, and technical assistance to RAP’s Europe team on issues related to power markets, power sector emissions, demand response, and integrating renewables into the grid.

Prior to joining RAP, Mr. Kolokathis worked for the regulator of gas and electricity markets in Great Britain, Ofgem, where he led projects monitoring the security of electricity supply and advising policymakers on the newly-introduced capacity market. Before joining Ofgem, he worked as a researcher for the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN), delivering reports for policymakers, including the European Commission, on power market operation, integration of renewable energy sources, and innovative energy sector technologies.

Mr. Kolokathis holds an undergraduate degree in electrical and computer engineering from the National Technical University of Athens, focusing on energy economics, power systems, and operational research. He earned his master’s degree in sustainable energy systems from the University of Edinburgh, where he undertook a comparative analysis and evaluation of the quota obligation and feed-in tariff support policies for the deployment of renewables for his dissertation. In addition to his mother tongue of Greek, he speaks fluent English, intermediate Spanish, and basic German.